OH. Hey there. I'm Céline Navarro!

I’m a southern french mompreneur, blogger, essential oil lover, globe-trotter, educator + photographer with big dreams and a big heart. Obsessed with: haribo candies, green plants + brainstorming digital marketing strategies. 50% French. 50% Spanish. Read on for the rest!

I haven't been as successful as I am today. While I was thriving in my previous business for years, one day, BAM. Everything fell apart and my business crashed. At the same time I got pregnant. Girl, I'm telling you : it was hard. While my pregnancy was just perfect, I had issues dealing with failures and fear + low self-esteem became my best friends. But, it wasn't until I rose again like a phoenix and decided to build a brand new business in 2 total unknown markets : essential oils and network marketing. The rest is history. And the future so bright.

Most days, you can find me

Travelling the world, sharing my love for essential oils with a total stranger or cuddling in bed with my daughter Salomé, reading a book to her. 

I am mostly known for

My sarcastic sense of humor, amazing mojitos + love of stunning road trips in the middle of nowhere.

Want to know what makes me happy?

I LOVE serving the world by sharing my love + expertise about motherhood (not saying I am an expert mom, but you know what I mean), travelling, digital marketing + wellness. People often refer to me as a digital marketing bold guru, always on the go to help other moms, like me, to believe in their inner greatness + amazing skills.


Things I am passionate about in life

Collecting gemstones, crazy about Haribo candies, anything PreColombian, shrimps + aïoli, Lebanese food, green plants.

My mojo

  • I serve people who need help with their health issues

  • I coach those who you are willing to give what it takes to earn a life they dream of

  • I train moms + women who struggle with their everyday, may it be on a personal level or a professional level

  • I work with women who are looking for a better + healthier lifestyle

  • I teach those who want to grow a sustainable + long-term wellness businss

  • I teach my beloved mompreneurs + wellness crossline friends to skyrocket their business on social media

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