Trip to INDIA 2012 | Delhi + Rajasthan (Part One)

I was lucky to spend 2 weeks in India, in March 2012, with one of my best friends, Carine. 

It was probably one of the trips I was the most scared about. Well, not really scared. Anxious. I was anxious not to see "things", you know, those "horrible" things the few people you met who didn't like India because it was dirty and poor (why the hell did you go to India then if you wish you went to Maldives?!). I was anxious but oooooh how I LOVE India so much now. I fell in love with a country, with perfumes, colors, people, food, culture (even though it is SO rich you can just get a tiny taste of it after 2 weeks there). I loved every second of it and I am looking forward to March 2016 where I'll be going back!

So we were two girls traveling with a backpack to India. I should mention that we had a backpack but it wasn't a "real" roadtrip like we could think. We saved money, we had a car with a driver, took the train, planes, nice hotels and such. For a first trip to India, there was no way I would sleep in real cheap hotels. I need confort. Everywhere I go, not just India.

The first step of our journey was a night and a day in Delhi. We got there early in the morning, spent the day visiting a few places in Dehli, went dinner in a nice restaurant (amazing food), then to bed, and off to Rajasthan with our chauffeur in the morning. 

(Click on pictures to see them bigger)

I think a day in Delhi to visit the Red Fort and Humayun's Tomb is enough. I didn't want my first day in India to be overwhelming with human crowds all around. I'd rather visit cities when I go back. I just regret I hadn't have a chance to visit Chhatarpur Temple. It seemed awesome.

Walking around a big city in India is pretty easy : you rely on either taxis, subs when there are one, or tuktuk. And I love tuktuks. Easy and not expensive. Be sure to talk with your tuktuk driver in order to know how much it's going to be to go to that certain spot before taking his tuktuk.

Rajasthan was STUNNING. I mean, TRUELY stunning. HUGE landscapes, deserts, forts, castles, snakes and such.

We visited Jaipur, the Wind Palace, Amber Palace, Hall of Mirrors, Jal Mahal and, on our way to Agra, we stopped in Fatephur Sikri, which was splendid.

If you love photography and travelling as much as I do, you will LOVE to WATCH. SEE. LOOK. Everything is amazing to the eye and no matter what kind of camera you have, if you have a good eye, you'll take awesome photos.

All photos taken with my Canon 650D and my Canon 24-105mm lens & Sigma 10-20mm lens edited with Photoshop CC,RadLab & A Beautiful Mess Actions.

In my next stop, I will take you to Agra, the Taj Mahal and other wonderful places in India :)