23.08.2014 - the day I got married - the bride (me!)


A new adventure. A brand new me, even though I don't want to get rid of the old me. I like her too much, and my family and friends might complain if I get rid of her :)

That Saturday, on August 23rd of 2014, Damien and I got married, after almost 14 years together. A little "something" to make our love, tenderness, bond, concrete.

No stress, nor apprehension that day. Just a HUGE need, desire that this day should be the most beautiful, the happiest, brightest day for our loved ones and ourselves.

And it was.

It rained the day before. And it was so bright and beautiful on the wedding day. Our angel even took care of the forecast that day.

For this first post of a serie of eight (obviously), this first post will be about me getting prepared at my parents', surrounded by family and friends.

Make-up. Hairdresser. And my gown, but that will be for another post.

All of the photos below were taken by our beloved official Wedding photographers, Wide Open Photographies. THEY ARE THE BEST. Adorable. Funny. Sweet. Effective. Talented. Professional. Generous. Anyway, what a honor it was for me, for us, that they accepted to be the witnesses for us on our wedding day.

Here's a special playlist I came up with for that post. Click on PLAY, get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy.