My Udon Blanket is finished | WE ARE KNITTERS

IT IS DONE! I finally finished my oh-so-cuuute Udon blanket that I ordered from We Are Knitters! After 5 Salmon THE WOOL yarn balls (I think PEACH would be a more appropriated name for that yarn), using circular 15mm Knit Pro needles (LOVE those!) and a few hours knitting in front of TV or talking with friends, it is ready and I am in LOVE!

Here are a few pictures I took of our living room. That corner is a brand new redecorated angle we worked on recently, I promise to have pictures of that one soon.

I casted 79 stitches to get started, on circular needles, and knit with the Moss Stitch.

(Click on images below for bigger images)

All photos taken with my Canon 650D and my Canon 24-105mm lens edited with Photoshop CC,RadLab & A Beautiful Mess Actions.

I'm soon going to get started with a brand new project, as you might have seen on my Instagram account, it's a top secret kind of project. I'll be able to tell you more soon, once I get started and get the approval from my boss-friend :)

What are you knitting right now?