Essential Oils | What a wonderful new discovery

Months and months that I've heard about those, that I've been intrigued and that, I've been searching for a new way to approach or to live an healthier life. 

My dear friend Corinne Delis was the first one to hook me up on the Young Living Essential Oils when she saw a message on my Facebook saying I was anxious, stressed and couldn't take any pills due to my pregnancy. We talked about the Essential Oils for hours and she convinced me : I needed them. At least, I wanted to try them.

But first, I needed to do some research about them : the French "laws" or whatever people have decided to say are pretty negative about the use of oils on pregnant women and/or babies. And I found out the the Young Living EO are the best on the market, that they are all made with 100% natural products. I read that very interesting article about Lavender oils, by the way, and I came to agree with the quality vs. the price. I mean, I'd rather pay more and be sure to get a super quality product, rather than a cheap price just for the smell of Lavender. I live in Provence, South of France, and we've got Lavender all over the place already! :)

So I got confirmation that the Young Living seemed to be the best on the market (and I'll be back on it in a future post). I read blogs, comments on the internet, tests and testimonials, and got confirmation that I, as a pregnant woman, could use most of them for now (not all of them as some of them are too powerful for my "little" body). Well, yeah, they are 100% natural, they should be great then!

A migrain, feeling tired, a painful muscle? I'm not the kind of person taking pain killers all the time, so the idea of using Essential Oils to help me go through some stressful moments or feeling more inspired or relaxed, well yeah, I liked the idea a lot. And guess what? They work! I'm not saying that these are medicine, not at all. You definitely need to see your doctor if you have any health issues, for sure, but if you wish to modify your lifestyle, have an healthier life, be more INSPIRED everyday, feeling GOOD in your own skin, well, these are for you.

Photos from my Instagram account...

For exemple, 3 weeks ago, I had painful contractions on a regular basis, like beginning of labor, while I was only 34 weeks pregnant, and we ended up in the ER. They kept me for 5 hours under surveillance, and allowed me to go home after they checked everything on the baby and me. I got home the day I received my Young Living EO. I was so happy! I talked with Corinne and after I told her I was in the ER for painful contractions, she told me to mix the V-6 Vegetable Massage Oil along with the Lavender oil and massage my tummy and my lower back, to get rid of my contractions. Oh dear, within one hour, they were gone and I was feeling SO good! 

I also fell in love with the Home Diffuser, that perfumes my home, purifies it and, depending on the oils you use in it, let go vertues like creativity, energy, peace, and more... It smells good, it's 100% naturl and I love it!

My beloved StressAway Roll-on, that remains in my bag so that I can carry it everywhere. Roll it over the inside of your wrists and behind your ears, for a stressless and perfumed scent and feeling...

My beloved StressAway Roll-on, that remains in my bag so that I can carry it everywhere. Roll it over the inside of your wrists and behind your ears, for a stressless and perfumed scent and feeling...

What about you? Do you use Essential Oils? What do you think about it? 

Feel free to write to me if you have any questions, I opened a FB group to talk/share/be inspired by a new LIFESTYLE and you are more than welcome to join in! Feel free to check out my Pinterest folder : so many informations about the oils there!

To be short, for me, Essential Oils are a new way of discovering alternative solutions to a personal development, sharing tips with like-minded persons about a healthy way of life through internet and FB, learning how to use them the best way possible, and developping a brand new lifestyle for me! Yes, you got it : I'm hooked!