In October, I was proud to say that 43 people from my team had reached a rank higher... last month, in November, there were 63!!!! I became a Gold member, while some of my team members reached ranks of Silver, Executive, Senior Star and Star for the first time! The month of November meant a lot for so many in my team. 


I want to put 3 of my friends in the spotlight because they really deserve it!


Carine Penard

Executive (soon to be Silver)

She’s my best friend and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have her by my side. She joined Young Living searching for a healthier lifestyle only. She wasn’t really into doing the business side in the first place, but, slowly, she became more and more aware of the amazing opportunities with Young Living. She’s now skyrocketing her whole business, getting SO close to Silver! That will happen in a blink of an eye! I can’t tell you how PROUD and BLESSED I am to be able to work alongside my best friend!


Aleks Demazy

Senior Star

We have met through a Community Manager training and immediately clicked. I remember seeing her presenting her project in front of our class and I thought « OMG. I need this girl in my team! » Life can be tough on her but she NEVER gives up. She’s always full of energy, ideas and her hustle really inspires me. She reached the rank of Senior Star even though she just joined a couple of months ago! Super proud of that girl and keep an eye on her : 2018 is her year!



Senior Star

We’ve been knowing each other for years through Scrapbooking and I LOVE this girl. We spent a few days together last June when I visited her in Oslo, Norway, and this girl is not only full of energy, kindness and humor : she’s full of gratitude and happiness. You can’t be more inspired by someone and can’t feel better around someone than Gudrun : she’s my little Scandinavian sunshine! Doing the business in Norway is quite a challenge but she’s rocking it and I can’t wait to see her explode in 2018!


For those who still doubt whether this is real and not a "pyramid scheme", I can tell you that there is nothing illegal in this! Every month, lives are not only changed by the use of the products among families, but also because someone chooses that their family is worth more, that their dreams may also come true and therefore choose to go to the business side of young living. And NO, you don't sell oils, you get in touch with people, you teach them there are alternatives to their daily habits, but nobody sells anything in here!

I can’t even explain how passionate I’ve become, not only about my oils, but about growing this business of mine. Yes. This business of mine.


I am always looking for people who, like these three ladies, want to change their lives for the best, whatever the reason is (you hate your job, you want to work from home, you want to travel more…) I LOVE working with friends, but if we’re not friend yet, we’ll be sure to become besties working together!

So you want to learn more about what we exactly do? how exactly we do it? Some will work doing classes and presentations, some, like me, will work 99% of the time online, blogging, doing online classes, working on social media. I have to say that I'm pretty good at that. And I've come up with tools to help you rock it too.

Part-time or full-time, let me know in the comments or email me. I'm happy to help you get your dream life straight! And if you are happy with your life as it is, maybe you know someone you think would be AWESOME working with me?

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And because I'm talking about ranks and income, I have to post YL’s income disclosure. And yes : all those numbers are true 😜 this is a billion dollars business that has been existing for the last 22 years all over the world and it ain’t disappearing!