PROJECT LIFE 2018 | Opening + Week #1

OK. Sit down and watch this. I started my PROJECT LIFE 2018! Crazy right?!!! Ok so my new job has been keeping me super busy but since I got back from She Loves Color, I've been wanting to dive back into creating, scrapbooking and doing Project Life! Slowly, I dived into planners (even though I've been addicted to them for a while now) and subscribed to Studio Calico Planner kit. And beginning of this month, I realized how SAD it was that, now that I have a daughter, I don't scrapbook and document at least HER everyday! So BACK TO PROJECT LIFE! :D And i can hardly hide my excitment! I also subscribed to Studio Calico Documenter kit! YAY! I'm on a roll, baby!


I have always been a HUUUUUGE fan of Geralyn Sy's In A Creative Bubble style + digital printables. I think I might own them all, to be honest! And I have decided to use her printables along with my Studio Calico documenter kit.

Oh my God. It feels so good to do this AGAIN! Now I feel like this is important, this has to be done! I mean, documenting our lives, Salomé's life! This project just takes another level of GREATNESS in my heart! I loved it back in the days, but now I feel like it is important to do this!

So who's doing Project Life this year!? And I feel soooo behind in the Project Life/Scrapbooking world! please share your blog/website/gallery so that I can admire your work and follow you!