A week in Paradise | Young Living Raindrop Technique Event in Croatia

Hey guys!

Here I am, sitting at the airport in Split, with one of my BFF's Corinne Delis, and all I feel is gratitude + happiness. We just had the best week ever : Young Living oils + Young Living friends + wonderful Croatia + loooooots of emotions AND laughters!!!

Oh it feels sooooo good to be surrounded by lovely people! Getting to spend time with Corinne, Danielle, Ed, Gudrun, Margriet, Emilia, Ma, and all the people I met there, is priceless. It's about sharing how we rock this business (yeah because my crossline friends ROCK this business for sure!), but we share friendship, emotions and gratitude together. If you ever feel down, come to a YL retreat and you'll be boosted like never!

We were staying at the Jure hotel in Sibenik. OMG. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, definitely a  place to stay for the holidays!

We only got to spend a day in Split but what a great day! In the morning we visited the Helichrysum farm +m the distillery which looked way bigger than two years ago when I went there the first time. And off we went to Split to have lunch at a wonderful restaurant (Bepa) and walked around the city.

What I like the most about these kinds of trips is the friendship. You get to spend time with your friends (upline, downline, crossline), shared new ideas, new ways to use the oils, new inspiration to feel better, both physically and emotionally. And that kind of trip makes you feel SO.GOOD. I mean, SO GOOD. I feel rejuvenated. Every. Single. Time I attend an event like this!

We got to work. Like a LOT. But there was not a single day when we didn't get emotional or laughed a lot. And guys, please, find at least one friend that makes you laugh so hard that you pee your pants! 

This event was absolutely wonderful and I am counting the days til my team and I go to Amsterdam for the Beauty Day retreat!

I'd like to say a few things before I close my laptop to head over France : 

  • find some friends that make you feel positive, young, crazy, loved, cherished, spoiled

  • find a job that allows you to be yourself, work your a$$ off for your loved ones, and makes you feel grateful for the life you have everyday

  • find the strength to focus on what makes you happy

  • forget the ugly, the ungrateful, the easy

  • love yourself. BIG TIME :)

love love!