...and NETWORK MARKETING in general.

Aaaaaaah here is the moment I have been waiting for EVER to talk to you about! I4ve had this article written in my head for months and I couldn't wait to sit down and talk REAL with you, guys.  

After a little over 2 years running my Young Living business, I have been hearing both amazing and "scary" testimonials about this wonderful industry, and it is always the same story. Over and over again.

"What's that ?! Aaaaaah it's a pyramid scheme!" "Don't you mind having the chick above you earn more money than you do?!"; "Anyway, it's always the little ones who pay and those on top fill their pockets!" "Yeah but your thing is a cult!"; "Oh yeah no thanks, I'm not interested to resell the products".

Here you are. Over and over. AGAIN.

WHY do we still have those kinds of questions, knowing network marketing is so popular_.jpg

Ok you guys. Watch this AWESOME video about network marketing. It is exactly about THAT!

Isn't it amazingly TRUE?

I will answer you frankly. Before doing network marketing, I had the image of "Tupperware meetings" in mind. That moment of loneliness where you feel you have to buy stuff from the girl hosting the party. I apologize in advance to the Tupperware advisors, because it is a hyper-reductive image of their activity. But I think unfortunately most people have this image.

So, there is this "fear" of being forced to buy. Then this "fear" of having to welcome parties at home. Then this fear AGAIN of feeling like you have to resell the products. It's a lot of fears! lol

Second, how many network marketing companies, and most importantly, how many consultants are there out there that make the whole business look ROTTEN? It makes me crazy when I see consultants lying openly on social media saying "how to get rich working 5hrs/month!", post 20 times a day for their products (add 148 emojis per post and you have the whole collection posted throughout the day), not to mention those who pretend to be millionaires and pose next to a ferrari car...in the parking lot of the car dealer. SERIOUSLY? Is this how you want to build your business? Lying? Pretending? It drives me nuts!

And then, there is this consultant who "tried" building her business for like...hmmm...the last 8 days, one hour per week, who stops because the company didn't do this and that, it's too complicated, it doesn't have this and this. Well. And she is going to create drama all around it. 

Anyways. I really think there are a bunch of people/companies that don't make the whole economical system look good, by being liars + fakers. But, hey, it's pretty much the same in the "normal" world anyways. I mean, network marketing, if done with kindness + wisdom, can change people's lives. Seriously.

Anyways, friends, I wrote below 10 key points that I think important about my business. As I said, these are some important facts I wanted to talk to you about, whether you are new here or a faithful reader. You have known me for a long time (or not), you've been following me through all my adventures, so here is a little more in the details :)

Less than 10% of my team in Provence for one of our Team Building events

Less than 10% of my team in Provence for one of our Team Building events

1. No, it is NOT illegal

The famous sentence "ah yes it's a pyramid scheme". Oooooh really? Why don't people bother search on Google what a REAL pyramid scheme is? I want to tell you : STOP. Get some informations about what it really is and we can talk then. So READ THIS.

Over at Young Living, products exist (and god knows how wonderful they are), our levels of commissions are limited. Period. It's as clear as that.

Here's a link to our Compensation Plan if you are curious.

2. No, I don't force people to buy

"Yes but no, don't insist, Jessica, I can't buy it". So, from what I have heard from my own customers, I have never harassed anyone (yet) to offer the products of which I am the ambassador. On the other hand, we may sometimes insist when, for example, someone wants more infos, asking us 1001 questions, so we spend several hours answering those questions and, when the person tells us that she's ready to order, well, PFIOU! (That's the sound of someone vanishing in thin air). Silence. Not even a "listen, thank you, it's been nice to have taken the time, but I changed my mind / don't have the budget / just changed my mind : it's really simple and more polite.

So, no, I don't force people to buy (I still don't have access to all the credit cards on the planet ... although this is part of the 3 wishes that I'm going to ask the Aladdin genius, because really, not bad). Everyone is free to buy or not.

3. No, we don't become millionaire working 5hrs/month

Sorry guys. I wish it was true. Even though, if it was, I would have been ore skeptical in the first place. You see, my parents have told me that working hard pays off. So here, I'm having fun every time with this one! This one sounds like a joke to me every time I read this online. Who on earth, WHO, works so few hours and earns so much money? There are some people who do, but how many hours of work did it take them in the first place to break this down ?! Or, they inherited a company that was already rolling! Let's be realistic, guys : did your parents ever tell you that you had to work to earn money?


So YES, network marketing CAN open doors to a wealthier lifestyle, yes you can make a lot of money, but NOTHING FALLS FROM THE SKY! You will have to learn how to promote your business and your products, give and inspire others to join your team, love them and pamper them (even the weird ones ... especially the weird ones! LOL * wink wink at my TEAM which has the WEIRDEST but FUNNIEST people on earth!). 

I am now a GOLD member at Young Living. I started less than 2 years ago. I hit Executive the first month I started, then Silver in 4 months, and getting to Gold in such a short amount of time is rare enough to mention it. But I would NEVER say that I have been working 5hrs a week or a month just to enroll people. It's all based on lies. It is a job that requires effort, patience and perseverance, but so human, rewarding and that allows you to meet great people.

I put below the Young Living Income Disclosure statement which gives you an idea of what each rank earns on average per month.


4. No, it's not "Those on top of the pyramid thing" that make the most money

Hey. I'm telling you : if I wasn't making any money here, I would have quit a loooong time ago! :D We come back to the famous pyramid scheme thing. So, in an ethical network marketing company, I mean the ones that have a good compensation plan and that are completely fair to anyone who decides to make it a business (full-time or part-time, whatever ), I want to be particularly clear: it is the (HARD) WORK THAT PAYS. Not your "spot" in the downline (where we are under your enroller/sponsor).

I give you a very concrete example: today I am a GOLD leader. Tomorrow, I have a girl (or a guy) who joins my team and who is a ROCKSTAR, like, a complete recruiting machine, someone who will rock this business in no time. Tomorrow, this person can not only become Platinum before me (Platinum being the rank that follows GOLD), even if he is in a lower level under me, but he can obviously earn WAY MORE THAN I do !!!

Another concrete example: in my crossline friends'teams, there is a Platinum leader whose sponsor is "only" a Silver. Yes, it works like that with Young Living: it's the work that pays, not the rank, or any luck. Yeah, forget about being "lucky". It's a myth as well.

5. No, it's not a "I work on my own thing, all alone, in my corner of the world" thing

This can be the case in many Network Marketing companies, not us. So, I know that this may be the case in some YL teams, but not in ours. We have a lot of training programs, coaching meetings, online + physical workshops, team building weekends, and so on.

But on a daily basis, we talk on our Facebook group. We call each other, we do zoom calls every month or even every week. So no, we're not alone in this business. Not in my team anyway.

And you get to work with crossline friends as well and this, my friend, is priceless, because you make lifetime friendships that way.

6. No, I don't have to host parties over at my house


So that was really the thing I didn't want. When I made the decision to start building my Young Living business, I had several goals in mind, and a pretty clear idea of how I wanted to get started : NO PARTIES AT HOME. And, to date, I managed 99% of my goal : I only hosted 2 "parties" at my house, but with people I know, so it doesn't really count! lol

Otherwise, 99% of my business is online: blogging, social networks, online workshops. And that's my strength. So, when I tell you about the tools/trainings set up for my team, well that's it: I put my Online Marketing skills to use, I train my team to work online, as in real life. And that's one of the things I love most about my job.

For example, I will mainly work on Facebook (building a community, online workshops, facebook live ...), Instagram, here on the blog and Pinterest.

On the other hand, it is something that I want to do in the upcoming months, but not at home :) More in a place that I would rent, a comfy and cosy space, which smells good (of course we are using oils!) and where people would feel good. 

7. No, harassing people online/in real life will not make you sell more

So I want to pass a personal message to most consultants of one brand with a green logo: it is dreadful to read about your products on social media, esp. when you are in our FB friends list.

Who, in your upline, told you that posting 20x/day would make your network say "oh hey, it took me 20 messages to understand that it's great and that I need these products!". No, no and no. It doesn't work this way! Not only does it not work this way but, guys, it is horrible! And then, I guess most of your loved ones have to ban you from their Facebook, hence having a special account for your activity ... oh my. yes I just understood that it was the case. Short.

Fill a need, offer solutions. It's right here : the key to success.

Oh and kindness. And a little ethic. It feels good. We do business human being to human being, so stop believing that any contact or facebook group is full of "prospects" ready to release their credit card by the first Messenger bell they hear. 

8. No, Young Living is not like any other Network Marketing company

That's for sure. This point will be super personal, so you have the right not to count it among the top10 :)

Why is YL so special to me? Because they came into my life at a very complicated time. If you often read my blog, or at least in the last couple of years, you know that there have been some very difficult times. I will not go into detail, I'll let you take a look around here to read about it. But YL arrived at a time when I needed essential oils : physically (with my soon-to-be-mama issues), emotionally (in full depression) and especially financially. I won't lie to you and not tell you that this is the main reason why I got started.

In the meantime, I fully dived into the business, I became passionate, and I hustled. Like big time :) And 2 years and 3 months later, here i am : I'm Gold. With my eyes full of stars and ready to rock this. I will be the first Royal Crown Diamond in France. Remember this :)

Salomé + I (on the right) along with all the members of Young Living Europe who won the   Global Leadership Cruise in the Caribbeans  !

Salomé + I (on the right) along with all the members of Young Living Europe who won the Global Leadership Cruise in the Caribbeans!

Young Living is above all a company that makes excellent essential oils and has an ethic that I like. They are human. They are good. They are listening.

9. No, I do not disappear after your first purchase

As I often say to my members, I am present before their purchase (to target their needs, to guide them through their choices, to listen to them), during their purchase (if they need help), but especially after : not only they are part of our VIP Facebook groups, but they have my personal cellphone number so that I guide them even further in their decisions of well-being.

So no, I do not disappear :)


10. No, you won't have to buy again or even become a consultant

The ultimate fear :) So over at Young Living, the cool thing is that everyone does what they want.

Do you want to take your Premium Starter Kit? Very good.

Then, several options are available to you and, each time, it is you, and only YOU, who will decide:

+ you might never want to order again (your account remains active for 12 months, allowing you to benefit from the 24% of the member discount, and it disappears if you have not made a purchase during these 12 months )

+ you can order every now and then

+ you can subscribe to our Monthly Wellness Box (the Essential Rewards program) to receive the YL products of your choice, always guided by me in your choices

+ you can decide to become a consultant and join my crazy crazy team (hmmm ... I forget the gentlemen who are in our team! sorry)

All of these are decisions that YOU make. Not me. YOU.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.jpg

There you go. 10 KEY POINTS that seemed important to share with you :)
So if, and only if, this adventure is talking to you. That a little madness, laughter, adventure, travel, but above all, a lot of work and friendship, make you want to join me + work with me, let me guide you. Let me show you that there are not only natural solutions to your problems, but that you can also do a fulfilling job by my side.
Talk later and have a good sunday!

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