BIG ANNOUCEMENT | Skyrocket Your Young Living Business on Instagram course

Let me introduce you to my brand new online course!

After years of experimenting, participating in all kinds of giveaways, loops and whatsnots, figuring out how I could possibly introduce myself to my audience without sounding too salesy,...well, friends, I think I cracked the code.

I cracked the "Instagram for business" code.

And I'm pretty proud of it.

Gaining new followers everyday (not just those weirdos looking for a wife or bodybuilders fancying looking at themselves in mirrors, or even other network marketers), increasing my engagement like fire bullets, but also converting new people into future customers and even business builders!

And guess what?! I have set aside all of my secrets for YOU in a course.

Here's what this course will be about :

  • getting to understand how Instagram works : learning the tricks will help you implkement new strategies

  • specifically FOR Young Living builders, not every type of entrepreneurs : you and I are the same. We build the same kind of businesses, only our characters and our voices make our businesses different. Let's focus on what this social media can bring to us, YL builders

  • branding : your uniqueness will get you to the top. Just learn how to CREATE your brand

  • planning : organization is the key, friends.Let me give you my best tips about how to mix strategies + time-savings

  • building a community : your tribe will follow you everywhere, you just have to inspire them first

  • being consistant : once again, if you don't show up, nobody will do the job for you

  • photography : let me teach you some basics about iphonography!

  • hosting the perfect giveaway : sometimes, you need to be generous with your people

  • apps : you're going to love this chapter! Well, as a geek, I do!

  • master the hashtags : hell yeah

  • master the metrics : yep, you need to learn that to grow

What this course won't be about : 

  • buying new followers or giveaways

  • "hey Instagrammers! Buy me some oils" kind of strategies

  • no use of hashtags

  • "people will buy from me because i have beautiful photos" or "people will buy from me because they just followed my account" kind of strategy

  • all about advertising your products kind of strategy

What you'll also get : 

  • weekly graphics + freebies to use right away on YOUR Instagram account! Can I get an Amen?!

  • a private Facebook community to share our victories + struggles, and build OUR tribe!

  • weekly Q&A Facebook live

  • possibility to sign up for an extra VIP coaching session

I'm SO excited about this course! It starts September 17th 2018, runs for 4 weeks and is going to SKYROCKET your business for sure!

Do you have a large Team of Business builders? Are you willing to help them grow their business too while doing a bit of extra cash? Sign up for my Affiliate program!!! Get 20% BACK when someone in your team signs up for my course! EMAIL ME for more infos about this : or reply to this email :)

In the meantime, I really hope you are ready to skyrocket your business this Summer!