Simple Wellness Hacks For Creative Business Application

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Most worthwhile business leaders continually search for a means to optimize their daily routine. It’s not hard to see why they’re motivated to do this - when competition is so high, we look to any means to both improve our attitude to our work and our physical ability to carry that out. However, the work ‘hack’ has become quite suspicious in recent memory. Blogs hoping to call you to their content will often require you to come and check out their ‘life pro tips,’ only to realize they mean something very petty and silly, or worse, non-applicable.

However, the best hacks are often those that are simple, grounded in reality, and often have the largest impact. With those parameters, let us consider simple wellness hacks for creative business application, and how this might appeal to you and your firm. After all, without a willingness to try and see what might work for you and your business, there’s a chance you’ll miss out on the things that will.

The Workday

Gaining regularity and routine in your workweek is essential if you hope to apply yourself well. In a recent interview with Matthew Walker, sleep researcher and scientist, he suggested that most people only get around six hours of sleep a night if lucky, which can reduce your ability to make quick decisions, to apply creative solutions, and to feel content in work. This might mean that sleep could be the best and most adequate legal working aid you could implement within the space of a week.

If you run a business, it could be that trying to improve efficiency could be a great idea. For example, reading advice regarding the 9/80 Work Schedule: What It Is, Its Benefits And Challenges, And How To Get Started could help you manage to squeeze out an extra day of time-off for all of your staff. This can be a tremendously worthwhile advantage to help you avoid loss in productivity.

Eating Habits

It could also be that your eating habits are somewhat helping or hindering your daily approach to your working needs. For example, a heavy lunch can often exacerbate the 2pm-4pm lull in concentration and comfort, especially regarding alertness. This might encourage you to shift your lunch pattern at work, or to promote healthier eating such as low-carb meals before coming back. If you run a business, ensuring that staff have access to caffeine after lunch period could also help them make it through this difficult time.

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It can be extremely worthwhile to factor in physical exercise throughout your day. Not only can it help you feel more energetic, but it can defeat that afternoon slump we have discussed. A few push ups or squats here, or perhaps some chin-ups if you have a place for a bar and work from home could be vital. If not, going for a quick walk might help you refresh your mental state.

You might implement this within your office by perhaps constructing a gym there - but this can usually only be for executive positions where investment in the staff is critical to keeping them. Still, you might give your staff a little extra time for them to walk, or perhaps some time to stretch in a room dedicated to this. A little exercise and activity can perk most people up, but only if they are careful and tactical about when they apply it. On top of that, ensuring that you have plenty of clean water around is important, both to wash the face and also ensure that alertness comes back to us in moments.

Express Challenges

All businesses, all staff, and all business leaders have their own challenges. It’s important for you to express them. You might decide to talk to a therapist outside of work, use online options, or invest in great HR solutions within your own business. The ability for us to speak through our problems, particularly when facing difficult challenges, can give you or your staff the means to find the help they need. But remember, HR services are not licensed therapy. They are simply focused on helping staff adapt, become referred, and also understood through the difficulties they might be experiencing. 

With these approaches combined, we hope you are able to use simple wellness hacks to overcome issues you might have been experiencing, and generally become a better class of employee or leader.