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As a planner addict and an astrology, esotericism and all things paranormal lover, how can I describe the moment I came across this stunning Magic of I planner? It was my friend Danielle Slingerland who first shared it with me on Instagram, and then my friend Eef showed it to me in real when we met in Amsterdam. And talk about LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

I’ve been into self development since I have been single, getting to learn more about myself, what I want, don’t want, how I should let go of control, etc. Getting to know more about Astrology and how the planets can influence your daily life is fascinating.

Imagine a planner that will guide you each and every day of your year, in order to take the best decisions for your business and your personal life?

This is what Magic of I planner can offer you. Let me explain exactly all the beautiful things that you can find inside.



Not only it is a half year, month and weekly planner, it is also a comprehensive guide to all of the moon movements, planetary placements and aspects of your whole year.

This planner is just a perfect navigational tool for discovering our potential, while granting permission to be as we are. It will guide you to flow with the energies of the moon and learn the conversations of the planets, to empower yourself with awareness of the natural cycles that are available.

Depending on where in the world you live, you can order a north or south hemisphere : the exact time of day of a planetary aspect isn’t always important, but the exact times of the new + full moons and eclipses are included. Choose the version closest to your timezone and convert the times listed to your own.

One thing I love about the planner is the incredible amount of knowledges you have about the planets and the star signs. Curious about how Taurus shows daily energy? How Pisces deal in their relationships? Or how a daily moon in Leo can influence your life? It’s all in there! The more I dive into this journal, the more I want to learn about Astrology.


That’s THE thing I adore in this planner. The 2019 Intentions workbook section kicks off planning your year by looking at 8 areas of life for dreaming and manifesting with precision and ease. Each area has journal space to list what you would like and then actionable steps to get your closer to your dreams. Fill these at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of the month. Keep track of your dreams by refining them in monthly goals and intentions, and even further into weekly goals and actionable steps to really turn your dreams and goals into reality.

Each month offers the month at a glance, which lists dates of the new and full moons, the “moonthly” themes and reflections as well as important astrological transits coming up for the month. At the end of each month, there is a journal space for your new moon intentions and full moon illuminations to really dive into personal moon work. 

The monthly calendars show the main moon phases, the moon signs and the conversations of the planets (aspects), as well as the celestial phases from the Optimum Times Life Guide. Use the weekly planner like a regular diary : I personally plan any special work ideas or personal intentions I have set for this special day. But have the moon signs, planetary aspects and Optimum Times Life Guide on hand each day to align to the energies and flow of the cosmos.

New moons are a time to dream and manifest. They are for new beginnings, the planting of seeds and setting intentions, fresh new energy.

Full moons are the peak of this energy, a coming to fruition. They are a time that illuminates the theme of the cycle started on the new moons, to shed and let go of what is no longer needed as we move into the second half of the moon cycle.

I used to know nothing about the Moon. The only thing I knew was that, around full moon, I had troubles sleeping (especially DURING full moon!). Last full moon (on august 15th), I knew it would be a very powerful full moon and OH BOY! I had troubles sleeping for 4 days around that time! And no matter how many essential oils I use to help me get through these sleepless moments, the Moon won the battle : I look like panda today! But, more seriously, learning more about the moon and how it can affect and guide your emotions have been such a powerful learning moment. It’s like discovering yourself a little bit more and THAT IS GOOD.


Some of the real magic of the planner is uncovered in the Optimum Times Life Guide. These are the planning angels of the year and a cheat sheet if you aren’t a seasoned astrologer. It’s a system (and a WONDERFUL, STUNNING one, I’m telling you) that distills the basic general energy of the days where it is most enhanced into celestial phases : in short, your BEST ally for scheduling and life planning!

Optimum Times is a cosmic guide to the general energy of the day where it is most enhanced. Whether you are planning for business, adventure, study, healing, connection, friendship gatherings, and more, or interested in general life flow and cosmic alignment, you can now have access to a magical guide at your fingertips!

As a business entrepreneur, how wonderful it is to know which days are best influenced for decision making? For emotional struggles? For goal settings? I am loving this so so so much and I can only imagine how the possibilities such a powerful tool can help me in building my wellness business.


Perfect for beginner to advanced astrologers or anyone with an interest in the moon, the sacred feminine or someone who would like to live an aligned life with the cosmos.

You know, I am in no term a specialist. Just someone that is passionated about anything holistic, curious about what the planets can bring to our lives, which sign I get along the best (or worst) with, or how I can be a better human being. But this Astrological reference guide makes it super easy to understand signs, planets, moon, sun, elements, modes, full moon, crescent moon, eclipses or even planetary movement and retrogrades!

And guess what makes it even MORE powerful? Combining this with our stunning Young Living blends (omg Build Your Dreams or Magnify Your Purpose during New Moons? INCREDIBLE!) and crystals!

Ok you guys. If you want to plan your life hand in hand with the cosmos and trust its intuition, get 10% OFF your entire order with this code : CELINENAVARRO or simply click below!